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Recruit With Data:
Governance Recruitment Experts.

Secure your data assets and assure compliance; we find you the governance gurus you need.

Compliance Mastery

Ensuring all data complies with legal and business policies.

Data Quality

Cleaning and maintaining data to the highest standards.

Risk Mitigation

Proactively identifying and resolving data-related risks.

Data Strategy

Aligning data management with business objectives.

Why work with us?

At MSA, we’re more than recruiters; we’re data governance matchmakers. We bridge businesses with specialised experts who not only ensure compliance but also elevate your data quality and strategy.

  • Understanding of GDPR, CCPA, and other data protection regulations.
  • Expertise in Data Classification and Taxonomy.
  • Mastery in Data Risk Assessment and Mitigation.
  • Proven track record in Data Auditing.
  • Custom solutions in Data Encryption and Security.
  • Skills in Data Lineage and Metadata Management.

Secure Your Data. Partner with MSA.

We’re the authority in Data Governance recruitment. Businesses trust our in-depth understanding of the field to match them with candidates that ensure data excellence and compliance. Our history in recruiting data governance professionals is unparalleled. We’ve achieved a proven track record in connecting exceptional talent with data-conscious enterprises.

Regulatory Compliance

Meeting and exceeding data protection standards.

Data Quality

Ensuring integrity, availability, and confidentiality.

Risk Management

Proactive strategies to mitigate data risks.

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